Deep Tech Venture Builder

Oazis’ unique value proposition is based on the cutting-edge science and technologies of BGU researchers, the hands-on experience of the Yazamut 360° team, the oazis mentors and the IBM AlphaZone experts.

Cactus Capital

Student run VC fund

We Invest in early-stage Startups, founded by BGU's Students and Recent Grads. In partnership with, we train our students to run Cactus Capital's investment team.



Academic Program

An innovative program that combines academia, offsite workshops,mentoring, and knowledge application for a unique learning-experience.

eCommerce 360

Jump-Start to eCommerce

Practical training program for eCommerce entrepreneurship and management.

In the eCommerce360 program, you will open your own store on Amazon, not before you learn how to do it right ...

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We Support What You Care About

Groups of passionate entrepreneurs, providing frameworks in a variety of fields. e.g. life/brain science, sustainability, mobility and more. 

Join an existing community or start your own. 


Knowledge Club

In today's world, it is not enough to be very good at one thing. No, in today's world you must also be able to apply knowledge in areas of expertise other than your own.

The Tapas Club was designed to give you a taste of many different fields.

There's a tapa for every taste.


The World’s Leading Personal Growth Platform

Yazamut 360° joined forces with Mindvalley Online University to fulfill our common mission - creating a more conscious and connected world by teaching people how to become the greatest version of themselves while doing good for the planet and the human race.


Entrepreneurship Festival &

Startup Competition

SilicoNegev is the greatest convention and startup competition in the Negev, promoting tech entrepreneurship and business opportunities in a one of a kind innovation festival!

This event is all about keeping the Negev ecosystem and hi-tech scene thriving and blooming!

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